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Puertas Ryst - Puertas Multiuso
Puertas Ryst - Puertas Multiuso



  • Multipurpose door with one and two leaves.
  • Reversible door for RGT or LFT opening.
  • Completely galvanized.
  • Preinstalled for fixing with claws, screws and bolts.
  • Frame superimposed on the wall on all three sides.
  • Frame preinstalled to apply tightness seals.
  • Leaves can be adapted to opening with panic bar.
  • Possibility for mounting of the door closer.
  • Double-leaf doors supplied with disassembled frame.
  • Safety pin on the hinge side edge.
  • Preinstalled for system with three closing points.
  • Possibility of supply with integrated grill and peephole.
  • Possibility of changing frame with wall anchor.
  • Leaf thickness of 40-50-60.
  • Painted with oven baked thermo reinforced powder.
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