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Puertas Ryst - Puertas acústicas


The acoustic doors serve to diminish machine noises, protect the offices from the sounds that are produced in adjacent premises, acoustically separate movie theaters, discotheques or videoconferences, theaters, auditoriums, etc. Therefore an acoustic door must have an especially hermetic closure and also the door leaf must have a special structure with specific insulating materials, so that no sound passes complying with the regulations in 20140 in ISO 10140.

Our acoustic doors comprise two groups:

  • Steel doors with hinges (swinging). For acoustic insulation from 38 dB and up to 60 dB and fire resistant. Depending on their location and function, this type of doors must close automatically by installing an automatic closure with a recommended force of 20N to optimally compress the insulation joints.
  • Acoustic sliding doors up to 52 dB
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