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  • Single: and double leaf doors, according to standards EN 1634-1 and EN1191.
  • Manufactured in galvanized steel.
  • Intumescent seals inserted in the frame.
  • Double-leaf doors supplied with disassembled frame.
  • Fixation with clamping claws and fastening bolts.
  • Special frames for gypsum wallboard partitions.
  • Built-in reinforcements for the installation of panic bars.
  • Frame prepared to apply smoke seal neoprene joints.
  • Second leaf self-closing system.
  • Second leaf adaptable to opening with panic bar.
  • Leaf thickness of 60 mm.
  • Painted with oven baked thermo reinforced powder. S/RAL finishing.
  • Hinges with bearings and height adjustment.
  • Lock.
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