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Puertas Ryst - Puertas Correderas (EI₂60, EI₂90, EI₂120)
Puertas Ryst - Puertas Correderas (EI₂60, EI₂90, EI₂120)

SLIDERS (EI₂60, EI₂90, EI₂120)

SLIDERS (EI₂60, EI₂90, EI₂120)

Sliding fire door built with modular panels made from electro galvanized steel leaf and filled with high density insulation, thickness of the panels 80 mm. and intumescent joints to stop the fire.
The panels slide by means of reduced friction rollers on the upper guide, the area of passage does not have a lower guide only rollers to guide the panels.


The main doors can be operated manually and in case of fire they close automatically by means of a counterweight due to the activation of the thermal fuse or disconnection of the electromagnet by means of a switch or by the signal from the fire detector.
Based on regulations, doors can be opened by means of a special electrical engine and automatically close by means of a counterweight.


  • The sliding doors are equipped with the following accessories (some are optional).
  • Hydraulic shock absorber.
  • Electro magnet or thermal fuse.
  • Speed regulator.
  • Electric engine.
  • Pedestrian door with lock or panic bar.
  • Push button for activation.
  • Stoppers.
  • Cables, counterweights and pulleys.


Final coat painted with anticorrosive primer.

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