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Puerta Cortafuegos EI₂60/90/120 de una hoja

Duella double-leaf frame

SINGLE LEAF EI²60/90/120


  • Leaf assembled in galvanized steel plate, filled with insulating material, without interior. Leaf thickness 60 mm
  • Disassembled frame, lower profile made of galvanized steel, with clamping claws for assembly on site or ready to screw.
  • Lock fitted with cylinder inlet and provided with a plastic lock cylinder for a Patent type key included.
  • Black anti-lock handle with steel core, plates with cylinder inlet and adapter for key Patent-type key.
  • Two hinges, one with self-closing automatic regulating spring and the second with ball bearings and screws for vertical adjustment.
  • Safety pin on the hinge side edge of the leaf.
  • Internal reinforcements prepared for lock, door closer mechanism and panic bar.
  • Oven baked epoxy-polyester powder paint, with fine grain finish.
  • Maximum dimensions 1340 x 2600 mm.


Puertas Ryst - EI₂60/90/120 de una hoja
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